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The first livestock and poultry breeding and slaughter welfare standards

2016-01-07  By  noaman
It is understood, the standard by the China Veterinary Association to join more than 30 industries leading farming enterprises, slaughtering enterprises, food deep processing enterprises, catering enterprises to develop a common and specific content including livestock rearing management, barn environment, disease prevention and control, behavior expression, the operating personnel, pre slaughter handling, stun and kill the bloodletting and other aspects set technical parameters, to determine the basic requirements for the welfare of the breeding and slaughtering link. This will also become China animal husbandry and veterinary field first covers the pig, chicken, egg chicken, sheep, beef cattle, dairy cattle Six Breeds of farm animal welfare industry standards.
China Veterinary Association animal welfare project director and chief assessment division Sun Zhongchao when accepting a reporter to interview, said standard will also aspects of livestock and poultry farming animal welfare put forward specific norms, such as raising density, shed temperature, humidity, ammonia concentration, feed cleanness, clean water degree, finally improve animal health and epidemic prevention level.
"Europe and the United States to animal welfare pay more attention to it. Different levels of animal welfare are directly reflected in the market prices of livestock and poultry products, and animal welfare in our country is still in the initial stage." Sun Zhongchao introduced China Veterinary Association officially launched the standard setting work, scheduled for June next year officially released and slaughter livestock welfare standards, and hope that through two years of exploration and practice, the revised the industry standard rise to national recommended standard.


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