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The Difference of Stainless steel Slaughter Machine and Traditional Slaughter Machine

2016-01-11  By  noaman
Compared with the traditional way of slaughter, the use of stainless steel slaughter equipment has the advantages of simple operation, safety, high efficiency, high efficiency, high automation, high efficiency, high automation and so on.
The following is a detailed description of the various advantages:
1. Simple and Safe to Operation
Traditional way of slaughter is very rough, slaughtering and other livestock, such as cattle and sheep, it is easy to get hurt. And the use of slaughter equipment is absolutely safe, as long as the livestock pulled down next to the device, its trap. After the process is mechanical the.
2. High Efficiency
The traditional way of slaughter is slow, some people a day of slaughter of poultry is 1/10 of stainless steel slaughter equipment is not. The slaughter equipment, high speed, high efficiency, no manual work, saving labor costs.
3 Health
Traditional way of slaughtering unsanitary, because size animal, hairy, no after quarantine, also human often does not will poultry and livestock washed very clean, hair removal is often not net, often lead to health problems. And with the slaughter equipment, because of its complete quarantine system at the same time the various machines with each other, do not have to worry about these issues.
4 Automation
Slaughter equipment is adopted, the whole process of computer control, only the artificial guard, soak time, the size of the partition can be controlled by the people.


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