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Survival By Quality, Development By Innovation

2015-12-24  By  noaman
Survival By Quality, Development By Innovation 
                                           -----Henan Gelgoog machinery Co.,Ltd.
Livestock and poultry slaughter is an important livelihood industry, it plays an important role to protect people's meat consumption demand, improve meat quality and safety level. In recent years, the poultry slaughter industry in China has shown a good momentum of accelerated development, effective protection of the meat market supply and meat quality and safety. However, livestock and poultry slaughtering industry on the overall organization, scale, standardization and specialization degree is not high,  slaughterhouses “more, small, scattered, chaotic” coexist, slaughter overcapacity, generation kill rate, slaughter repeated violations, slaughter regulatory capacity needs to be improved, The development of the industry and supervision work in deep water the crucial area.

Our company as a professional slaughter machine manufacturing enterprises, has a professional management and services, has a leading position in the same industry. Our machine including the poultry slaughter machine, slaughter line ,meat processing machine and the poultry feeding system. We can provide a one-stop service for customers. The problem that in now market, you cannot find in our company ,because in our concept “safety means life”. Our machine has sold in home and abroad, and have a good reputation. Through scientific and technological innovation and other methods, our company successfully got rid of the confusion of the slaughter market, but also has a more healthy development prospects.


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