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Solutions to Failures of Sawdust Pellet Mill

2016-05-27  By  alex
Biomass pellets produced by sawdust pellet mill could have cracks on floor. Often, sawdust pellet mill has somewhat significant powder level and minimal output. Motive for the earlier mentioned failures is generally the poor molding temperature. Slower the molding temperature, poorer the effect for uncooked components being healed. As a result, it is important to boost the molding temperature and enhance the steam content material.
Low output of saw dust pellet machine can also be caused by the improper site of blades. Coupled with the blunt feature of blades, biomass pellets are more likely to be hit but not cut. Sometimes, you will blame that the surface of biomass pellets is not so smooth. Reason for causing that is the small compression ratio. As long as you improve the compression ratio, surface of biomass pellets will be smooth as before. If surface of biomass pellets is smooth while the hardness is excessively high, you should lower the compression ratio properly. If water content in raw material is too high, output of sawdust pellet mill will be quite low. What’s worse, sawdust pellet mill will be often blocked. You should blame this failure to the inefficient work of reducing valve or trap. Based on that, you should adjust the reducing valve and make steam pressure in modulator be controlled at 0.1MPa to 0.4MPa. Correspondingly, you can increase the molding temperature. Higher the molding temperature, greater the effect for raw materials to be cured. If length of biomass pellets is not unitive, you should properly adjust the sites of blades and scrapper.


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