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Slaughter Equipment Maintenance

2016-01-05  By  noaman
Slaughter Equipment Maintenance

No matter what equipment needs regular maintenance, including cleaning after use, slaughter equipment is no exception. In normal use, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment on the slaughter line. As a professional manufacturer of slaughter machinery, the following points for everyone to talk about cleaning.
The first: every time after the application of water will slaughter the whole production line is clean, but you cannot directly use the clean water pipe.
The second: the slaughter of the production line bearings every half a year to replace a grease, the use of calcium base grease.
The third: chain of slaughtering production line after a long time of operation may cause the original lubricating oil heating evaporation, so easy to cause chain of slaughtering production line in operation in the process of imbalance, noise increases, prostrate. Add butter or a little bit of oil to the chain.
Finally: slaughter and production lines do not touch with the corrosion, to avoid the impact of the use, shorten the service life of equipment.
Maintenance of matters needing attention:
1. Pay attention to the operation after the closing operation, to be strictly in accordance with the relevant process. First, to confirm the delivery lines associated with the cleaning equipment are completed after the operation, to stop its operation. Slaughtering equipment water supply valve, a sterilizing device of electric heating switch is closed, to be washing machine washed sprinkling system reset, and then cut off the power supply, open the drain valve, a disinfecting box, cleaning vessel sewage discharge clean.
2. Pay attention to determine whether the electrical switch in the slaughter equipment is in the closed state. After the end of each class, to timely to the equipment are thoroughly cleaned, and do a good job of electrical components, water pump, mechanical transmission system, bearing drainage measures. Check equipment, fasteners and a mechanical transmission mechanism is loose, check the bearing, a shaft sleeve, a sealing parts and the components of the transmission belt wear, timely repair replacement.
3. Pay attention to the reducer, water pumps and other regular maintenance. The speed reducer, water pump to add the lubricating oil and oil, to supplement or replace the lubricating oil bearing seat.
4. Pay attention to check the cleaning machine washing system and the seal of the transmission pipeline.
5. Pay attention to the electrical system on a regular basis, equipment overhaul, repair any damage to promptly, so as to avoid leakage and leakage.


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