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Process of Peanut Candy Making

2016-03-03  By  admin
1. Peanut processing: the peanuts spreading in the tray into the oven, bake to peanut to seven mature, color is white, that is released. Then the machine will remove the skin peeled peanuts then pick, pick out the flowers meters standard is a full, no mildew.
2. Sugar: the pot and add sugar and water, heating sugar, in order to prevent the white granulated sugar in a saturated solution of grain and impact the quality of the product and keep the product fresh color and transparent form, to be fully dissolved, adding chemical Yee.
3. Luo: in order to ensure clean and hygienic products, no impurities, will dissolve the sugar too Lo into another sugar pot, still continue to heat.
4. Boil sugar, boil sugar should be paid attention to when stirring, so as to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of paste pot, until product temperature is up to 135 DEG C, due to the evaporation of water, sugar solution formed massecuite, yellowish in color, dipped to pull filaments, add lard to crisp products, shiny. Stir evenly, when the temperature reached 160 degrees, that is, moving away from the fire.
5. Mixing: boil sugar pot to move away from the fire, immediately to the pot and pour the cooked peanuts stir rapidly, while cooling collapse of sugar, in order to make the peanuts and sugar mixed evenly and eliminate clip into the air. Then moved to the crime table roll out into 4 equal parts.
6 tablet machine: diced tablet and diced, to advance the good thickness, in order to ensure the consistency of the specifications of candy.
7. Cooling and selection: in the cooling process of candy to broke the adhesion degree little candies, and with a sieve to little pieces of broken slag, products to be cool thoroughly, can be packaged.
8 custody:
(1) the warehouse should keep cool, ventilated, dry. A temperature below 25 DEG C, relative humidity below 70% for the best.
(2) a year after the beginning of summer, should use plastic bags of food packaging, avoid sugar absorption hair sand, adhesion and rancidity.
(3) preservation period: from 1 to 2 weeks in summer and early autumn, 1 to 2 months in other seasons.


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