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Modernization development mode of Slaughter Machines

2016-01-22  By  noaman
A modernization slaughter machine must be high efficiency, high quality, but do you know the market in china  of the slaughter machinery.
China slaughtering machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises as a result of capital investment, enterprise system and other aspects of the reasons, some manufacturers in the marketing management experience gradually mature. Slaughtering machinery and equipment manufacturing factory is large in number and spread all over the country, and production of processing equipment has covered the slaughter, segmentation, meat products, conditioning of many food processing field, but our slaughtering equipment overall industry concentration degree is very low, lack of modernization development mode.
Currently our country the slaughtering machinery and equipment and technology, and countries in the implementation of food safety project requirements, compared with foreign advanced equipment, domestic equipment in terms of performance, degree of automation, equipment reliability, meet food hygiene requirements, reduce labor intensity and ensure personal safety, still have a large gap. Improve mechanization of slaughter, improve the level of intensive pig slaughter, is the inevitable trend of development. Which requires we slaughter machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises gradually to industry consolidation, increase investment in science and technology, import slaughtering production line, combined with the level of development of China's machinery industry, innovation, developed to ensure the health and safety of meat, can also improve equipment manufacturing enterprise's economic benefit. To rapidly improve the level of production and processing of slaughter equipment, to attract, the introduction of high-level scientific and technological personnel, to create their talent to create the environment and space. At the same time in the process of R & D and innovation in the protection of intellectual property rights, and actively apply for patents, production of equipment with independent intellectual property rights. More important is to combine the industry management department as soon as possible to develop technical standards in line with China's national conditions, so that the production of slaughtering machinery and equipment to achieve standardization, serialization.
Learn the advanced technology of foreign countries and sum up the domestic.


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