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Make Your Own Feed Pellet by Yourself

2015-12-31  By  xuke
It opens new and sustainable pathways for several hundred million small-scale livestock farmers with more and more increasing demand for livestock foods in developing countries.
Most people have two really good reasons why they would like to make their own feed pellet

As fantastic as those two reasons, there is also another one final reason that most of people who want to be self-sufficient should do as much as they can on producing their own feed pellet for their animals they raise: when you buy feed pellet from outside shops, you are not able to be truly self-sufficient. You are relying on outside sources that may not always be available, and you are at the mercy of the prices they charge for sustaining your lifestyle.
It’s much pretty cheaper than purchasing commercial feeds from a shop, what is more, the quality and ingredients can be controlled by themselves. 
Good news is that it is not really so hard to produce your own feed pellet. Producing your own feed pellet does take space. Since some homesteaders do keep cattle and often keep horses as well, we’ll start with producing feed pellet for the largest of the common homestead livestock animals.

Then how to produce your own feed pellet
1. Use a pellet machine to turn the raw materials into feed pellets. Feeds that are in form of feed pellets can be easily handled and are not too dusty.
2.Be sure that vitamins, bran, maize and grains meet your animals need and balance.
3.Grind the ingredients such as corn and bran, using a grinding machine.
4.Mix the resulting powder mixture with liquid ingredients such as oils, molasses and fats, using a concrete mixer or manually.
5.Purchase the manufacturing equipment–a pellet machine.
6.Find out what ingredient and nutrition is best for your animals growing.
7.Hire workers to help you in the manufacturing process. Actually if you dont need to produce much quantity, you can work on it by yourself.
8.Select a suitable site where you plan to manufacture the feeds. Choose a place where there will be no problems on transporting raw materials. Ensure too that there is a good supply of water and power.
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