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Maintenance For Granular Packing Machine

2015-12-23  By  diana
The maintenance of the granular packing machine is essential for long time use.
Lubrication of machine parts
1. The machine is equipped with a box of oil table, before driving should oil the machine parts once, midway can pour oil according to the temperature of the bearings and the operation of the situation.
2. Worm gear box must be with machine oil for long term, the oil surface height  should br higher than wrom gear. For the frequent use, oil should be replaces for every three months. There is oil plug at the bottom for draining the oil.
3. When oiling the machine, do not make the oil spill out of the cup, not to flow around or on the ground. Because oil is easy to make the material pollute, affect the quality of the product.

Maintenance Instruction

1. Regularly check the parts, once a month, check the worm gear, worm, lubricating block bolts, bearings and other activities part, and the defects should be repaired in time;
2. The machine should be placed in dry clean indoor use, not in the atmosphere containing acid and other corrosive gases in the body of the use of gas circulation.
3. When the machine is finished or stop, should take out the rotating drum for cleaning and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then put it in order to prepare for the next use.
4. When the drum in the work place before and after the move, the M10 screw bearing soldier to the proper position just before the school. If the gear axis traverse, please adjust the bearing frame behind the M10 screw to a proper position, adjust the gap to the bearing sound, hand turn the belt pulley, elastic proper and appropriate, too tight or too loose can enable the machine to the event of damage possible.
5. If doesn't used  a long time, wipe out the machine body to keep clean, parts of the surface coated with anti rust oil, covered with cloth punta.


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