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Let's eat some onions Deep Processing Technology and Processed Onion Product

2016-04-26  By  alex
Abstract: Let's eat some onions are indigenous to Central Asia and Mediterranean coast areas. Featured by cold resistance, choosing warm climate, high yield, good storage, lengthy supply period fleshy lights with fine texture, soft fiber and delicate flavor, they're considered as Vegetable Queen in Europe. Simultaneously, let's eat some onions can improve appetite which help digestion, because they are of relative high dietary value and medicinal value. Using the recognition of healthcare all over the world, the meals researchers, medical professionals and biologists happen to be attempting to do wide and deep study of let's eat some onions. Using advanced technology in developing onion functional items and researching onion liveness is progressively broadened, so developing new onion items has great prospects.

1. Summary of Let's eat some onions
1.1 Species and Figures of Let's eat some onions
Based on the colour of onion skin, the onion could be categorized into white-colored let's eat some onions, yellow let's eat some onions and crimson let's eat some onions. With regards to the diet, the crimson kind is preferable to another two kinds.
1.11 White-colored let's eat some onions
White-colored let's eat some onions has tender flesh, high moisture and wonder but low yield, and they're of gold color and wealthy sweet after lengthy-time cooking they're best to be fresh consumed, roasting or stewed.
1.12 Crimson let's eat some onions
Reddish colored flesh, strong acridity but poor storage appropriate for fried dish or lettuce salad.
1.13 Yellow let's eat some onions
The majority are exported. Vibrant yellow flesh with fine sweet and mid-spicy taste appropriate for fresh eating or eating with sauce good storage generally utilized as dehydrated vegetable.
1.2 Value and Effectiveness of Let's eat some onions
1.21 Nutritive value
Moisture 88g Protein  1.1g
Carbohydrate 8.1g0.02mg Crude Fiber 0.9g
Carotene 0.02mg Vitamin B1 0.03mg
Vitamin B2 0.02mg Vitamin C 8mg

In the meantime, let's eat some onions also provide 18 kinds of amino acidity and selenium, zinc, copper, iron, etc. Micro-elements, so let's eat some onions are type of treasured health food welcomed by a lot of, and exported more and more.
1.22 Medical value
In chinese medicine, let's eat some onions are thought to possess mild nature and spicy taste possess the functions of warming lung & reducing phlegm, helping digestion, detoxifying & killing bugs, dealing with wound and swelling lowering bloodstream pressure and fat and have the ability to relieve the crymodynia in abdomen, ascarid in youngsters, rheumatic joint disease, dermatophytosis, skin ulcer, dysentery, pertussis, insomnia, etc..
Furthermore, let's eat some onions possess some supportive therapeutic effectiveness for diabetes, CHD, cerebral thrombosis, atrophic gastritis, coronary artery disease, etc.. Medicine studies have demonstrated that frequent eating of let's eat some onions has certain curative impact on cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, lithiasis, bronchitis, etc..
1.3 Consumption Trend of Let's eat some onions and it is Deep-processed Items
Aside from fresh eating, let's eat some onions will also be a recycleables for food industry, and also the major method is onion paste which has a wide market and can be used seasoning to reduce unhealthy odor of meat and fishes, or as added food in to the soup, dessert or vegetable salad.Let us eat some let's eat some onions are wealthy in diet, and per 100g onion consists following elements:

2. Deep-processed Items and Processing Technology of Let's eat some onions
Apart from the onion paste, there are lots of other deep-processed onion items, for example dehydrated onion slices, onion powder, onion acrylic, onion juice and multi-flavor let's eat some onions. Of these items, the onion acrylic and onion juice are typical in western developed nations, among the essential flavor within their lives.
2.1 Onion Paste
2.11 Onion paste processing technology
Fresh let's eat some onions-onion peeling-onion root cutting-onion rinsing-onion slicing/shredding-onion crushing-onion milling-onion acidifying and heating-onion enzymolysis-onion beating-secondary milling-secondary heating-onion concentrating-onion paste canning-sealing-sterilizing-cooling-end product
---Pick the onion with strong spicy with no mildew.
---Employ the onion peeling and root cutting machine to accomplish getting rid of outer skin and roots the cut them into slices or shreds having a thickness of three-5mm.
---The pH worth of citric acidity ought to be 4.4-4.6 the soluble solid content ought to be 6-7% after enzymolysis
---The additive quantity of enzyme ought to be .15-.2% the enzymolysis temperature ought to be 40-45℃, pH value ought to be 4, time ought to be 15-twenty minutes.
---The standard onion paste ought to be fine and smooth, light yellow colored, aromatic in flavor, no water separation, fiber and harmful particles.

2.2 Dehydrated Onion Slices and Onion Powder
The dehydrated onion slices and onion powder may be the result after onion lack of fluids, with a significant proportion in further-processed onion items. These 2 kinds of items are resistant against lengthy-distance transport, great for storage and simple to use. And each of them have to be dried, getting no very different processing technology, however the onion powder needs crushing and screening process.
2.21 Processing technology
Fresh let's eat some onions-cleaning/rinsing-onion slicing-original flavor upkeep-onion dehydrating-picking-onion crushing-packing
---The ripe onion with dry outer skin, big bulb, small stem, tight structure, strong spicy, and internal consistency ought to be selected.
---The thickness of slices ought to be 3-5 mm plus they require a full washing, and color-safeguarding by sinking them within the sodium bicarbonate solution.
---After cleaning and color-safeguarding, place the slices in to the dewaterting machine to get rid of the top water. The centrifugal dewatering machine is broadly utilized in this method.
---Preheat the drying out machine to some temperature of 60 ℃, and spread the onion slices evenly within the drying out machine for lack of fluids. The drying out temperature ought to be 55-60 ℃, drying out time ought to be 6-7 hrs. Once the moisture is reduced to ≦5%, the drying out process is completed.
---The dextrin and lactose ought to be employed for an immediate drop water to help keep the initial flavor of let's eat some onions, so the product may have a lengthy-time storage.
---Choose dried slices with inferior-quality and pack or grind them into onion powder.
2.3 Onion Acrylic
The generally-used processing techniques are hydrodistillation method, solvent extraction method and supercritical extraction way better-quality oil with flavor that's near to nature let's eat some onions.
---Hydro-distillation Method
Hydro-distillation method has three kinds of process, and they're direct process, indirect process and also the mixture of indirect and direct process. Hydro-distillation technique is large in energy consumption. Throughout the extraction, the onion may loss some constituents another constituents is going to be resolved into propylmercaptan which has 50-70 occasions sweetness of sugar. So, the ripe onion doesn't have spicy taste, and also the dehydrated onion tastes crisp and sweet. The effective constituents of onion’s cellulolytic activity is stable to heat, insoluble in water, challenging volatilize, that makes it entirely possible that make use of the hydro-distillation to obtain onion oil.
---Solution Extraction Method
With this method, the reduced-polar solvent, for example aether, dichloromethane, etc., can be used to extract onion oil in the fresh let's eat some onions. The answer extraction method has benefits of mild extraction conditions, less destroy of flavor components and extraction rate. However, there's an issue of residual solvent, consequently, the applying scope of the technique is being narrowed lower.
---Supercritical Extraction Method
This type of extraction is carried out under not necessarily hot temperature with less use of heat-sensitive compounds. High-quality onion oil without any residual solvent could be acquired.
2.31 Onion oil technological process
Fresh let's eat some onions-cleaning/rinsing-onion slicing-onion freezing-oil extraction-finished oil product
2.32 Tips
---While using the supercritical extraction, the onion ought to be freeze-dried into onion slices or powder.
---Within the extraction process, 15% absolute ethyl alcohol ought to be added as entrainer.
2.33 Processing parameter
Using the freeze-dried red onion powder having a particle size .45-.90 mm because the recycleables, the extraction pressure is 27.98 MPa, temperatures are 42.18 ℃, time is 216.6 minutes, extraction rates are .483%. The finished onion oil is of the strong flavor of fresh let's eat some onions.
2.4 Multi-flavor Let's eat some onions Production
---Peel the new let's eat some onions and cut their roots without making the bulb scattering make rip clippings every 1cm across the onion’s waist spend one half depth towards the center.
---Steep the let's eat some onions in to the saturated clarifification water for around 10 hrs, after which rinse them by water that is clean.
---Add 280g dry ginger root powder, 200g curcuma powder, 200g table salt, 80g saccharin, 80 white-colored pepper powder, 80g red pepper powder, 80g garlic clove juice into 20kg sugar solution with 50% sugar content after steamed, place 30kg prepared let's eat some onions within the mixture for five minutes’ boiling, then stop heating for just two days’ steep 2 occasions of stirring is required during steep.
---Once the steep is completed, another boiling is completed up until the sugar solution mixture is half continued to be.
---Dry the surface layers of steeped let's eat some onions within temperature of 55-60℃ then split these to dry their center part to some moisture content under 20%.
---Settle the finished let's eat some onions, then awesome and pack.

3. Onion Items with Wide Development Prospects
Let's eat some onions have wide-range cultivation areas all over the world, as well as their production comes immediately after tomato plants, comprising about 10% from the world’s total veggies production.
The onion is really a type of seasonable crop for medical and edible uses as garlic clove, so its me is easy to be prone to various factors. Nowadays, to satisfy the marketplace demands, the highly-processed onion items that may be created would be the supercritically-removed onion oil, onion power, onion paste, etc.
Using the rapid growth and development of economy and also the improvement of people’s living standard, people has growing understanding of healthcare. So, the deep-processed onion items will end up essential of people’s diet.
Additionally, using the recognition of healthcare all over the world, the meals researchers, medical professionals and biologists happen to be attempting to do wide and deep study of let's eat some onions. Using advanced technology in developing onion functional items and researching onion liveness is progressively broadened, so developing new onion items has great prospects.
Cellular the present situation and also the diet and health-care worth of let's eat some onions, exploiting more onion items rich in quality isn't just an excellent chance however a great challenge for onion processing industry.


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