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Is Hulling Pumpkin Seeds Possible ?

2015-12-23  By  serena
I saw an very interesting question when I search in Google,I copy it below:

I have a recipe I want to use that calls for "hulled pumpkin seeds (the green ones)". I have pumpkin seeds saved from carving pumpkins. Do I just... peel them? Any fast way to do this? Is there any other preperation needed?

The answer is also various,such as
1.It's practically impossible when they are raw. You have to bake them first. But I don't know any fast way, the normal way is to pop them out of the hull just like sunflower seeds, one after the other.
2."Bake them first" is exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for :) I've never purchased pumpkin seeds (always just toasted fresh ones) so I have no idea what processing is done before using them in candies or baked goods.

 And the longest answer is in the pictures below

If you just wanna eat them, how can you enjoy them after so many and complecx operation?
If you wanna selling them,can u stand those operation?

Why not try to use machines to achieve this?  Pumpkin Seeds Huller Machine can make it easily.


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