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How to make waffles

2016-09-18  By  alex
How to make a delicious waffles?

1. raw materials processing: millet flour to facilitate easy direct batter with millet, millet batter is pure hulled millet as raw material, soaking wet milling beaten batter, requiring a 100-mesh sieve. Wheat flour to choose refined flour, sieved, purify.
2. modulation batter: the modulation batter on the quality of small Mi Wei crackers very close relationship is good or bad, this is the production of key technology. Wafer chip production of pulp, requires a uniform mixed with air. Thus by baking to give loose products. Accordingly, the order should be feeding operation. First millet batter, the flour into the mixer, then add the right amount of water, stir, then put leavening agent and continue stirring until mixed. Batter directly affect the water content of wafer sheet quality. But also have an impact on operations. The slurry is too dilute, it will produce too much edge of the skin and the head, resulting in waste. Bake into a monolithic too thin, easy to rattle from waste. Batter is too thick, prone to chipping of the "lost film" scrap will increase, therefore, to strictly control the surface plasma concentrations. Slurry preparation should be in control - within a given temperature range. Batter temperature is too high, easy to ferment metamorphism, resulting slurry was sour smell, made of monolithic liquefaction also easy to crack. Also, note that the best time to stir the pulp, pulp long time, likely to cause slurry "from the rib" so not a monolithic wafer crisp, stiff.
3. Modulation stuffing: stuffing is the main raw sugar, white sugar should first be ground into powdered sugar. Fineness sugar directly affects small Mi Wei biscuits taste. Mi Wei small biscuits are characterized by mouth. Powdered sugar is too thick, can not dissolve in the food immediately, there will be a rough feel. Requirements powdered sugar over 100-120 mesh sieve.
Oil, sugar ratio is generally 1; 1, but in order to prevent the sandwich material and the adhesive film is too thin, slightly more important than sugar.
Sandwich fillings modulation should make powdered sugar, margarine mixed and stirred by filling a lot of air, so that the volume of sandwich fillings enlargement, loose, white, light weight, help to improve the quality of the finished product and to reduce costs. Requires filling in the proportion of 0.6 to 0.7 g / cc, a good tune fillings should be uniform, fine, no particles.
4. baking sheet: The slurry was poured on a burn hole light disc wafer mold, heating and baking. Wafer production machine pan temperature should be uniform, casting mold should be preceded by warm-up, so that the pan to reach the desired temperature. If the film is too soft or too old furnace temperature and speed should be adjusted so that the same color. Temperature control 180-200 ℃.
5. Tu sandwich, coating uniformity folder fillings, not only to the small Mi Wei crackers quality and taste, but also has a great influence on the costs. Requirements film with heart sons ratio of 1: 3. Furthermore, it should be noted: ① large monolithic and have a good clip gently: Reapply after ② sandwich Laonen color binning to keep the surface of the bottom color uniform, ③ chipping wafer chip should cut agent use, or filled in order to keep the flat tidy.
6. cut packaging: large pieces of coated clip fillings semi-finished products, cut in the cutting machine, the materials and the removal of cut broken products, sorting, who immediately installed a plastic bag, seal, packing.



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