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Hot Sale With Good Quality Ice Fried Machine

2017-08-28  By  Lisa
Hot Selling Fried Ice Cream Machine
Summer, we are always chasing the cold food,we will have some comfort in the hot weather,do not feel the sun so sinister.With the emergence of ice cream, more and more similar food appeared, such as ice porridge, fried yogurt etc.
Recently,our company has launched an ice frying machine.
Fried Ice Cream Machine
The machine is designed to produce fried ice, fried ice fruit, fried ice cream and fried ice porridge by mixing the ice cream and ice with different flavored products like fruit, porridge. It is easy to operate and the finished product are in diversiform color, rich nutrition and great tasty. Our double pan fried machine is ideal equipment for small business.
The machine has the following characteristics:the first,it is equipped with high power compressors to ensure fast cooling and consistent performance,and can make all kinds of sugar liquid into a snow mud fried ice in a short time, ice degree can be arbitrary control.Second,this machine adopt advanced refrigeration technology, streamlined construction design.What’s more,it simple to operate, convenient to clean.

In addition,the ice frying machine is suitable for four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Eating the sugar alcohol fried ice in cold winter can remove cold produce the warm.
This kind of machine is in a hot sale. Welcome to visit us.


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