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The Seven Management Elements Gelgoog Stick

2015-12-25  By  serena
As a worldwide company ,Gelgoog has a set of famous management principles and ways. After many years practice,Gelgoog always adhere to '7S' elements from McKinsey.
The 7-S model can be used in a wide variety of situations where an alignment perspective is useful, for example, to help you:
Improve the performance of a company.
Examine the likely effects of future changes within a company.
Align departments and processes during a merger or acquisition.
Determine how best to implement a proposed strategy.
The McKinsey 7-S model involves seven interdependent factors which are categorized as either "hard" or "soft" elements:

It mainly means as following:

Strategy: the plan devised to maintain and build competitive advantage over the competition.
Structure: the way the organization is structured and who reports to whom.
Systems: the daily activities and procedures that staff members engage in to get the job done.
Shared Values: called "Super-ordinate goals" when the model was first developed, these are the core values of the company that are evidenced in the corporate culture and the general work ethic.
Style: the style of leadership adopted.
Staff: the employees and their general capabilities.
Skills: the actual skills and competencies of the employees working for the company.
Gelgoog knows only combine all those elements can we go far away. Thanks for your trust ,we will try our best to provide you our best products and service.


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