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Five Kinds Increasing Packaging Machines

2015-12-17  By  diana
China has a large population, so the consumer groups is relatively large, too, so is the flow of products. Almost every product need packaging, so development of automatic packaging machine seems overwhelming. All packaging equipment manufacturer should grasp this opportunity, paying attention to technology research and development and innovation. We should optimize the enterprise chain to contribute to the development of China's vacuum packaging machine.
Jin Xiangzuo, the president of World Packaging Organization Asian Packaging Center believes that the status quo of China's packaging industry standard has not been able to adapt the actual needs of the rapid development of industry. To realize the package from big to strong, the level of standardization of the whole industry desperately needs to be improved .
According to authoritative information, in order to meet the rapid development of China's food packaging industry needs, there will be 5 major food packaging machinery,vacuum packaging machine included, dominating the market in the next ten years.:
First, Vacuum packaging machine. Many enterprises in the production of vacuum packaging machinery mainly focus on semi automatic operation, so the automatic continuous, large vacuum chamber and vacuum packaging machinery suitable for liquid packaging are less. Our country still lack of efficient, special vacuum packaging machine.
Sencond, Bag making, filling and sealing packing machine. At present, the domestic production of such machinery manufacturers are more than 100, the annual output of 15000000 units. The development trend of  bag making, filling, sealing packaging machinery tend to modular structure, columns of high speed, high stability, mechanical transmission simple, adaptive closed-loop control.
Third, Metal packaging container processing equipment. One of the development trend of this machine is to improve the product performance, improving the rate of finished product and material utilization, the other is to speed up the product technology improvement.
Fourth, Corrugated carton production equipment. In recent ten years, China's corrugated box machinery industry development is very fast, the product variety from corrugated cardboard line development to printing slotting machine, cardboard glue machine, cutting machine, and other varieties series, one of the future development direction is the high speed equipment, two is the complete set of equipment for the light corrugated board box.
Fifth, Paper pulp molding processing equipment. China's current production scale paper tableware processing equipment is still relatively small, and cost of processing equipment are quite high.Company should increase research in reduced heating mould cost, improving heating mode, reducing the cost of power consumption, increasing the yield and quality.

As the development of technology, packing machine are also needs improvement. Now companies can focus on the five kinds of packing machinery to achieve greater success.


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