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Fish Feed Pellet Machine for Fish Feed Making

2016-01-26  By  xuke
Fish feed pellets is an important factor to be concerned about fish. High-quality fish feed pellets to improve the living environment of fish to ensure the healthy growth of fish. Before selecting feeding fish, you should first understand the basic nutritional needs of the fish. Nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are necessary to fish. Protein to provide energy and build muscle. Fish fat provides supplemental energy. Vitamins and minerals, can enhance the natural resistance and feed conversion rate. Therefore, qualified fish feed pellet is the most important to ensure fish health and longevity.
Fish feed pellet machine
Why Choose Fish Feed Pellets?
1. In fish feeding, trash fish and pellet feed are commonly used for fish feeding. Compared with feed pellet, trash fish do not have sufficient nutrients to satisfy the needs of all fish. It may lead to malnutrition which will reduce immunity and increase risks of disease. However, feed pellets produced by fish feed pelletizer for fish diet can satisfy the nutrients demands for fish like carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin and minerals. In addition, it also has the outstanding merits just like decreasing ingredient segregation & feed wastage, destruction of pathogenic organisms, easy storage and transportation and so on. 
2. It is noteworthy that nutritional requirements of fish vary due to different species, sizes, growth stages and feeding habits. Pellet feed of different sizes and densities can be made to satisfy the needs of species in various growth stages and with different habits. Feed pellet can be divided into dry and moist pellet. It is usually made of corn, brown rice, paddy, sorghum and soybean meal etc.
Fish feed pellets
Fish Feed Pellet Machine for Making Fish Feed Pellets
1. Fish feed pellets featured with many advantages is at higher price in the market, so why not make fish feed pellet by yourself to reduce the cost and make big profit? If you would like to do it, the following information may be helpful.
2. Most fish feed pellets include animal protein and plant protein. For the raw materials, you should collect corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, soybean flour and peanut cake powder for producing plant protein, and fish meal, shrimp meal, crab meal and sleeve-fish meal for animal protein. You can also add other ingredients for making the feed pellets in compliance with the local fish living requirement.
3. Select the appropriate particle extruder manufactured for fish feed pellets. The fish feed pellets extruder can be divided into two types: dry and wet fish feed extruder. The former can produce dry particles fish feed pellets, which is wet granulation. Dry fish feed extruder need not require wet steam boilers and equipment and steam boilers. Greater capacity, wet fish feed machine for large feed pellet mill, and dry fish feed particle machine is better and the economy of small and medium users or factories. We offer both types of extruders, can produce different size and density of fish feed.
Fish feed pellets


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