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Easy To Get Pineapple Without Skin

2015-12-17  By  wendy
Do you like eating pineapple ? Are you always tired for removing skin of pineapple ? Do not worry our pineapple skin removing machine will be great helpful .
Our Pine apple peeling and removing core machine is designed for pine apple processing. We can use this machine for peeling the shell(skin) and removing the core(heart) of pine apple, to get the columniform pulp.
Components of machine
This machine is assemble by machine support, cutting knife, shell removing knife, core removing knife, motor, pneumatic control. Shell removing knife is driven by motor through belt pulley and rotates in high speed. Feeding pole and core removing knife move forward and backward droven by pneumatic cylinder directly.
Working principle:
Pine apple which was cut out head and tail ends manually, will be placed in supportor frame which is adjustable of center height; pineapple pushing forward by the cylinder will be cut through of it’s skin by four special skin broken knives; pushing into high-speed rotation peeling canister with peeling knives inside to remove skin outside; meanwhile inside the feed rods, the poke heart knife will remove the pineapple heart out to get cylindrical fruit.
If only remove the skin outside but with the pineapple heart inside, we can remove the poke heart knife in feed Rod. Removing this knife is convenient and incomplex; how to unload the poke heart knife, we do explain during test or by manual guide;
Preparation for working:
After grading pineapple by diameter, cutting pineapple’s head and tail manually, install right knife(skin peeling knife and poke heart knife) according to pineapple diameter to start produce.
Operation steps:
1. Adjust pineapple support hight according to pineapple’s diameter; align the center of pineapple with skin knife and poke knife; adjust four skin broken knives’ deepth.
2. start motor and the machine begains running.
3. open inlet valve of air cylinder, waiting for air pressure till to 0.3-0.4Mpa.
4.Put the pineapple on support, step down the air control valve. Cylinder will push the pineapple forward to peel and poke heart of pineapple. Release air control valve and cyclinder backwards for another new cycle.
5. Cleaning the machine after working, and poke out the cores of pineapple in poking rods by any stick.
6.Pineapple after removing skin and core needs collect by workers, and removing some uncleaned skin and pit on fruit cylinder by small knife.
Then you get perfect pineapple . But remember that during operation, please cooperate your feet and hands together. After putting pineapple on support, please do take back your hands, then step down air control valve.


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