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Direction For Dough Pressing Machine Use

2015-12-26  By  diana
Automatic dough pressing machine is applicable to various food production units and colleges and universities and large, medium-sized dining room, food units, etc., knead pressure of all kinds of crisp dough. This machine is simple to use, only the dough can be placed on the conveyor belt, the boot can be automatically conveying, kneading, pressing, folding. The machine has the advantages of high safety factor, high safety factor, high work efficiency, and automatic performance, and is a rational equipment for the processing and production of various kinds of food processing lines. Dough press machine using a long handle design, stainless steel handle, the arc of the handle allows you to keep the backlog of noodles more convenient, easy, and easy to make a healthy and delicious pasta.

1. Place this machine on the level of working place, adjust the height of the supporting legs, so that the machine is stable and reliable.
2. Remove the anti rust oil on the surface pressing wheel, surface pressure wheel, a conveying belt does not allow any foreign body (especially hard objects), rotates the  adjustment handwheel, the hand wheel should be flexible rotation, gap adjustment meet the requirements.
3. Check whether the power supply voltage and rated voltage of the machine nameplate marked.
4. In the housing ground markers at reliable ground connection, power line elongation, look for a professional electrician to the machine power supply line is connected to the all pole disconnection, open distance power switch on, switch on the power, press the "on" button, check the steering machine to and which is identified by the machine to agree.
5. Before use, no load test run, no abnormal sound can be used.
6. Automatic dough press machine in the work not to hand or other debris into the press surface between the wheel in order to avoid danger
7. First use 2-3kg dough kneading and pressing several times, in order to wipe off the pressure surface wheel and other parts of the anti rust oil and dust, stop (press "OFF" button)
8. According to the actual need, the operating handle handwheel can make pressing wheel advance and retreat. In order to improve the dough quality and prolong the service life of the machine, the gap between the surface and the press surface should be adjusted from thick to thin.
9. All maintenance and repair work must be carried out in the case of cut off power supply!
10. Automatic pressing machine used in pressing machine speed (surface pressure velocity), can remove the left shield to check V belt loose or not, and replace in time.


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