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Donut Says "Hello"

2015-12-17  By  Katherine
They say, the perfect complement to a cup of our Always Fresh coffee anytime of day, a great donut is one of life's simple pleasures. If you haven't tried to make donuts before, do not worry, try it now. Well, follow us to get some knowledge of how to make sweet donuts, using this Automatic Donut Making Machine.

Donut making machine is specially designed to make donuts in snack shop, dessert shop,cafe,milky tea shop,western-style restaurant, etc.
Main features of Automatic Donut Making Machine:
1.  Stainless steel material ensures machine quality and long life expectancy.
2.  Excellent quality. The machine has good workmanship, work stably, and can be very lasting.
3.  Portable. The machine has light weight of 8KG and very portable. 
4.  Adjustable Donuts’ thickness. Adjustable Donuts’ thickness can also be adjusted by adjusting the amount of materials.
5.  Donuts size is adjustable. Can adjust donuts size by adjusting quantity of raw materials. If more, donuts bigger, if little, donuts smaller.
6.  Easy to clean. Donuts host machine is consist of two parts, inside part and outside part, inside part can be taken outside; Outside part can also open heating pipes, which can facilitate daily cleaning. 
7.  Large container design. You can install 7L material to the container.
8.  Controllable temperature and settable time. Temperature is controlled by micro computer with ±1°C, so it is very convenient and safe.


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