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Development Trend of Slaughter Production Line

2016-01-19  By  noaman
Slaughtering machinery and equipment with the rapid development of our social economy, accelerating the process of urbanization, urban and rural people's dietary structure occurred fundamental changes, the growing demand of the broad masses of the people of animal meat, eggs, milk, for the slaughtering equipment after slaughter meat quality requirements more and more high and low fat meat much welcomed by consumers, demand increases unceasingly, slaughtering machinery and equipment pipeline is a inevitable development trend.
People's government has been the development of animal husbandry industry, the construction of the county animal husbandry and animal husbandry County included in the agenda, as early as in 2000, on the next sent "on the decision to accelerate the development of animal husbandry industry", formulated the "animal husbandry industry development plan" and a series of preferential policies, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the broad masses of peasants to develop aquaculture, all farms, farming enterprises and Pig Association (cooperative) have mushroomed, rapid development and expansion, and there is growing trend, slaughtering industry as the development set of slaughter pipeline equipment is an inevitable trend.
The implementation of industry management model of "company + peasant household" slaughtering machinery and equipment pipeline project, built by the centralized trading market transactions on the household farmers rearing pigs, or by automatic slaughterhouse for slaughter and processing, the formation of industrial chain, will have the machine together a pig, a solution of a "sell pig difficult problem, reduce the labor intensity of the masses, on the other hand to improve the breeding efficiency, increase farmers' income, to ensure that both sides complement each other, but also promote the development of the pig industry, so a new generation of slaughtering machinery and equipment assembly line is the trend to replace the old manual way.


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