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Advantages of stainless steel Poultry Slaughter Machines

2016-01-18  By  noaman
Development trend of poultry processing equipment industry in the future: to improve productivity. One of the most notable features of the stainless steel poultry slaughter equipment is that the production efficiency is greatly improved. The new equipment compared with the old models, greater power and less waste. Second is to save labor. As is known to all, labor force has been an important part of the cost of all industries, especially in the developed countries. With steady economic growth, China's labor is not inexhaustible, labor supply and demand situation is undergoing fundamental change. So that the use of equipment for processing or work, more and more common. Increase production at the same time, but also enhance the flexibility and diversity of products.
Stainless steel poultry slaughtering equipment all use stainless steel materials, smooth transmission box, flexible and convenient adjustment, lifting mechanism adjustment is flexible and convenient, reliable self-locking and positioning, box opening and closing mechanism of lightweight and flexible. The use of stainless steel poultry slaughter equipment, you can simply operate, reduce maintenance costs, shorten the maintenance time, reduce labor, improve efficiency.
Slaughtering equipment is mainly used to solve the existing poultry transport rail equipment solid web materials, high cost, weak strength and vertical plate and the bottom plate is perpendicular and the cleaning is inconvenient, designed for easy fouling and breeding ground for bacteria and other problems. And the equipment saves the steel, reduces the cost, enhances the strength, and is easy to be cleaned.
Focus on the production capacity of enterprises continue to scale, group development, in order to pursue the scale efficiency. Without good technology as the backing of the development of enterprises, it is impossible to go for a long time. Realize mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent, to the development of product information, the introduction of new technology. To further improve the technical level of equipment, stability, reliability, improve production efficiency.
Stainless steel poultry slaughter equipment in the future development is still in the hands of many enterprises, I believe that in the near future, the mechanical equipment will become more and more popular.


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