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The Magic of Sesame Past

2016-01-19  By  jacob
Sesame butter also called sesame Tahini, is one of the most spread butter in China and other Eastern countries. Sesame have lots of benefit to human body, below are some magic of Sesame past.
The way to make it, Fry the sesame seed first, grinding paste made of crushed, have fragrance, used as a condiment. Also called sesame catsup. Sesame paste is one of the crowd loved the smell of spices. Have two types, that is, white sesame paste and black sesame paste. Eating it is beautiful white sesame seed paste, nourishing qi with black sesame paste is preferred.
According to the using sesame material color, can be divided into white sesame paste and black sesame paste. According to the purposes, hot pot sesame catsup is one of the common, material selection of refined white sesame paste catsup. Fine workmanship, color golden, taste smooth, taste mellow.
  1. Skin care & anti-aging
    Sesame paste is rich in linoleic acid, soft phospholipid, vitamin E, etc., with linoleic acid up to 50%, has the effect of softening blood vessels;Sesame paste contains rich lecithin, can prevent premature hair to bleach or fall off;Sesame seeds contain vitamin E is more suitable for menopausal women.
  2. Calcium supplements enhance bones.
    Calcium diet in our country, in addition to dairy products, beans and vegetables, is the main source of the calcium content of sesame paste is far higher than the beans and vegetables, eat 10 grams of sesame paste is equivalent to 30 grams or 140 grams of tofu cabbage contains calcium.Regular consumption of great benefit to the growth of bones and teeth are.
  3. 3. High quality protein.
Often eat sesame paste, is also a good way of protein;Every 100 grams of sesame paste contains 21 grams of protein, higher than that of eggs and lean beef, sesame seed paste iron is high, not only can adjust the partial eclipse, anorexia, can also correct and prevent iron deficiency anemia.


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