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Dream Of The Meaning Of Peanut Candy

2016-02-18  By  admin
The flower always represents the dream of flowers is happy, good luck and fortune of good omen.
Dream of the sugar said your weird temper in family life often ironic, not only you are hard to please, gelgoog dissatisfaction, but also for no reason at all suspicious and jealous of others. After this dream you may bring a lot of trouble or trouble, will also be criticized by others.
Patients dream of peanuts, means that the body will be recovered.
Dream of peanuts, the representative can get happiness, because the peanut represents the convergence and do not make public.
Dream of peanut candy, environment favorable factors, finite, although in work and school did not feel particularly good luck, but rather meet, will stay in the side of the wealth, so start with the thing is very exciting. The emotional aspect of the relationship between progress a little stagnant in the current situation, or there are some extra overhead, it is recommended that you can make a close move, so that partners in the light to see you love the great.
Dream of peanut candy, according to the book of five elements analysis, auspicious color is orange, lucky number is 2, peach blossom in the northwest, Choi spaces in the east direction, lucky food is the kiwi.


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