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Three Spout Cement Packer Machine,Fixed Cement Packing Machin

Three Spout Cement Packer Machine,Fixed Cement Packing Machin

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Double Spout Cement Packing Plant,Double Spout Cement Packagi

Double Spout Cement Packing Plant,Double Spout Cement Packagi

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Industrial Salt Grinder Machine for Sale

Industrial Salt Grinder Machine for Sale

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<strong>Commercial Electric Banana Chips Fryer|Frying Machine</strong>

Commercial Electric Banana Chips Fryer|Frying Machine

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<strong>Double Tank Electric Snack Deep Fryer</strong>

Double Tank Electric Snack Deep Fryer

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Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line
  • Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line

Caramel Treats Machine|Sachima Production Line - |price|picture|parameter|video|manufacturer|for sale|pdf|-GELGOOG

  • MOQ:1 Set/Sets
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 200 Sets Per Month
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port


New Design Caramel Treats Production Line is mainly used to make sachima/caramel, peanut brittle etc.

Main Feature

Beautiful appearance,fashionable design,easy to operate, high quality, continuous working.
New Design Caramel Treats|Sachima Production Line is just simple line, consist of three parts, mixer, press and mold machine, cutting machine. Machines are made of stainless steel, can be used to make Caramel Treats/Sachima, Peanut/Sesame Brittle, nuts cakes etc. Mixer machine uses automatic heat, heat is more uniform; pneumatic lifting device, discharge material more convenient; PP sheet scraping with non-stick feature, easy to fall off, low noise etc. After mixing material and syrup well, put all material into tray, flatten material, make them put into tray uniform, them put tray on molding machine, press material. Last step, conveying tray with material to cutting machine. Cutting machine cutter is customized according to customers cutting size demand, and tray groove is corresponding with cutter. Cutting machine is L type, making vertical cutting and cross cutting, get square shape sachima. Before using machine, check all machines well, then connect power, test, when machine stable, can start work. During production, pay attention to material mixing and putting into tray, ensure mixing well and put into tray flatten, otherwise will influence products taste and moudling effect. 
1.Working process is simple, only consist of mixing machine, molding and cutting machine. Of course if need other machine, like sugar pot, pillow packing machine, we can supply. 
2.Mixing machine is nonstick barrel wall, stir uniform, non-stick pot
3.High quality, machine is made of stainless steel 304, conform food safety requirement. 
4.Sachima size can be adjustable. Our machine can customize tray groove and cutter distance to control product size. 
5.Machines working is automatic. Between molding machine and cutting machine, there will be conveyor, making processing more easier, easy to operate. 
6.Automatic control reciprocation, flattened uniformly smooth.
7.Automatic dicer, one time molding, product size, weight keep same.
8.Elegant and beautiful performance. 
9.Compact structure and durable. 
Technical Data
Name Model Capacity Working Pressure Barrels Diameter Dimension(mm) Weight
Sachima Nonstick Mix 
Sugar Machine
GGM-600 15KG/H 0.3-0.5Mpa 600mm 1200*600*1800 300KG
GGM-760 20KG/H 0.3-0.5Mpa 760mm 1200*800*1960 360KG
Name Model Volt Working range Capacity Dimension Weight
Sachima Molding and 
Cutting Machine
GG-760 380V 15*15*60mm 300-500 kg/h 2000*1400*2500 1000kg
GG-960 380V 15*15*60mm 500-800 kg/h 2300*2000*2500 1200kg

1. Can I visit your company?
We have exhibition hall in Zhengzhou city,welcome to visit us to examine the quality and negotiate our business!
2. What's the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)?
A:We are specialized in wholesales of Packing machinery, so the agent in overseas will be highly appreciated.
3.Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?  
Our factory is located in Zhengzhou,Henan Province, China,You can fly to Xinzheng Airport directly. We will pick you up on Xinzheng International airport.
4.Can I get a best price?
Quality is the heart of one company.We can not promise the lowest price,but we promise the best quality and most reasonable price.On the other hand,bigger order you placed,cheaper price you will get!


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