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Commercial Rice Grain Vacuum Packing Machine For Sale

Commercial Rice Grain Vacuum Packing Machine For Sale

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Fertilizer Polishing Machine for Sale
  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine for Sale
  • Fertilizer Polishing Machine for Sale

Fertilizer Polishing Machine for Sale - |price|picture|parameter|video|manufacturer|for sale|pdf|-GELGOOG

  • MOQ:1
  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 10
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port|Tianjin Port


Fertilizer polishing machine is mainly applicable to large-scale production from biological organic fertilizers to round particle.

Main Feature

Beautiful contour, simple structure, safe and reliable, high output, convenient operation and maintenance.
Our company product organic fertilizer polishing machine is a polishing device which based on the flat die extrusion granulator. This machine makes cylindrical particle roll into a ball at one time, no returning materials, high granulation rate, and strength, beautiful and practical. It is the ideal organic fertilizer ball granule device at nowadays.
(1)High output, and in the process, can be flexible with one or several graining machine used at the same time, solving a granulator must be equipped with a polishing granulator machine bring complex processing, which is big investment, multiple devices have finished goods in quality problems. The pellet is cylinder-shaped.
(2)The machine is made up by two or more polishing cylinder orderly, the material output after many times polishing, finished grain size, consistent densities, and roundness of the smooth, high finished products rate.
Advantages of Fertilizer polishing machine:
1. This type of pelletizer is equipped with ball forming equipment. Multifunctional flat granulator can be used to produce the fodder, the organic fertilizer of the cylinder shape, which can be matched with the polish machine to make the cylinder shape into ball shape, can be used for some kinds of the organic materials for pelleting.
2, The content of the organic materials 100%, realizing the pure organic pelletizing.
3, Under some acting force of the organic particle, don’t need to add some additives.
4, The pellet with high density, after pelletizing, can be sieved, reducing the drying power.
5. After the organic materials fermentation, don’t need to be dried, the moisture content should be 20-40%
6. Beautiful contour, simple structure, safe and reliable.
7. Convenient operation and maintenance, and according to the directions to operation.
8. Strong prevent overload ability, adapt to all kinds of conditions.
9. Low power consumption, low production cost, high economic benefit.
Fertilizer polishing machine
Technical Data
Model GG-800
Output (t/h) 1.5-2.5
Pelletizing Rate (%) >95
Temperature Rise of Pellet (℃)  <30
Pellet Diameter 3.5-5.5
Installed Power (kw) 4kw *3
Total Weight (kg) 1200 kg
Size (mm) 2400*640*1540
Practicability  Fertilizer, Fodder

1.Can change the voltage and plugs or not ?
 We are manufacturer, mostly products we can change the voltage and plugs. Pls kindly tell me the voltage and plugs that you need before the order.
2.What Methods of Payment Are Acceptable?
Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): we accept 30% T/T deposit before production and 70% T/T Balance before shipment. 100% payment for sample orders.
Western Union: we accept 100% payment via the western union.
3.What is the procedure for making claims for damages or shortages?
All of our products will get fully test before delivery. All shortages must be reported to us within 7 days of receiving the shipment. If the goods were made by carriers then damages need to be reported to them and us. Please make sure that you keep the original shipping box for them to inspect. So please report to us damages made by carriers so that we may file a claim on your behalf.


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