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Industrial Salt Grinder Machine for Sale

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Fertilizer Granulating Machine
  • Fertilizer Granulating Machine
  • Fertilizer Granulating Machine
  • Fertilizer Granulating Machine
  • Fertilizer Granulating Machine
  • Fertilizer Granulating Machine

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  • Certification: CE
  • Supply Ability: 10
  • LOADING PORT: Qingdao Port|Tianjin Port


Fertilizer granulating machine is an important equipment mainly used in cement, steel, metallurgic, compound fertilizer, sintered aggregate and other industries for pelletization.

Main Feature

Fertilizer granulating machine uses a dedicated power scraper combination of spin scraper bottom,the structure is simple and reliable.
The fertilizer granulating machine is suit for middle and small scale production,and disc granulator should be adjust into 40 °-55 °. 
The motor reducer drive gear, thus put material in the proportion into disc.  It raised because of powder material and disc rotating,and down roll by the gravity function. In the role over several forces, the material in the disc formed into granule gradually until come to finished size,then overflow from the edge of disc.
This fertilizer granulating machine with the advantage of high ball rate, particle fruity, strength, anticorrosion, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance, etc.
Fertilizer granulating machine is equipped with the ball made a major accessory products,whose principle is to install the ball into rack into a ball on a plate tilted a certain angle to select speed and steering rotation incoming water after mixing pre-formed.
The small ball of nuclear and wet powder,the material in the rotating into the ball tray by gravity,friction,adhesive force and the role of centrifugal force along a certain trajectory for rolling motion to form a cue ball,cue ball gradually increased to a certain value.
When both the disk automatically into the side of the ball is thrown,the ball is expected to be needed.Machine is made up with the main rotating transmission device,calibration devices,ball plate,scrapers,scraper blade gear,and planes,aircraft seat components such as the composition. 
Advantages of Fertilizer granulating machine:
1.It has the many advantages such as: ball as even, easy control water in ball, high ball strength, and the structre is simple, conveniently control, little energy depletion, revolve steady etc.
2.Inside the ball has wear plate lined with a nylon film,extend the service life of disk.
3.Motor with frequency control,control,manufacturing ball machine speed so as to achieve the yield and quality control.
4.The machine is controlled by PLC control linkage can be directly into the central control machine interaction.
5.Fertilizer granulating machine is the main equipment to make the powder form material into ball, mainly used in the cement industry, steel industry and compounded fertilize industry.
6.Granulation tray's angle use a whole arc structure, rate of granule-becoming up to 93%. Granulating disc have three feed-out mouth, convenient for intermittent production, greatly reduced the labor intensity, improve labor efficiency. 
7.Reducer and motor use flexible belt transmission, have a smooth start-up, slow down impact, improve using life of equipment. Granulation tray's bottom using a number of radiation steel plate to strengthen, sturdiness and durability,never deformation. 
Fertilizer granulating machine
Technical Data
Model GG2645
Diameter 2600mm
Disc 450mm
Dip angle 40°-55°
Power 7.5kw
Capacity 1-2t/h
Dimension 2600*2000*2600mm
Weight 1.7t

1.Can change the voltage and plugs or not ?
 We are manufacturer, mostly products we can change the voltage and plugs. Pls kindly tell me the voltage and plugs that you need before the order.
2.What Methods of Payment Are Acceptable?
Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): we accept 30% T/T deposit before production and 70% T/T Balance before shipment. 100% payment for sample orders.
Western Union: we accept 100% payment via the western union.
3.What is the procedure for making claims for damages or shortages?
All of our products will get fully test before delivery. All shortages must be reported to us within 7 days of receiving the shipment. If the goods were made by carriers then damages need to be reported to them and us. Please make sure that you keep the original shipping box for them to inspect. So please report to us damages made by carriers so that we may file a claim on your behalf.


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